Thursday, February 18, 2010

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is in the Gold Coast and a wonderful place to visit and stay at.

Surfers Paradise (28°00′S 153°25′E / 28°S 153.417°E / -28; 153.417) is a suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. At the 2006 Census, Surfers Paradise had a population of 18,501.

Colloquially known as 'Surfers', the suburb has many high-rise apartment buildings and a wide surf beach. The feature of the central business district is Cavill Mall, which runs through the shopping precinct. Cavill Avenue, named after Jim Cavill, an early hotel owner, is one of the busiest shopping strips in Queensland, and the centre of activity for night life.,_Queensland

Friday, February 12, 2010

soldier crabs

soldier crabs, originally uploaded by Ladymaggic.
Low tide had soldier crabs scurrying along busily.
We went to get some Yabbies for bait.
The crabs were running everywhere.
They would dig down into the sand when approached and disappear


Bird on the Rocks

Bird on the Rocks, originally uploaded by Ladymaggic.
He was waiting on the trees near the Boat Ramp.

Changing of the tide

Changing of the tide, originally uploaded by Ladymaggic.
The tide is just changing from a very low tide (1.18 11 Feb)

The sands are golden, the breaking waves are white.
Behind the waves the murky storm waters, and riding in fast and furious is the blue water from the sea.

Beautiful coastline always changing

Colors of the Water after the Storms

The tide was coming in.
You can see the clear blue water in the middle of the channel.
Closer to shore is the murky dark water from the rivers.

There are not many fish around at present because of the fresh water in the river. The rains have made the beautiful blue waters a dark murky color.
Here you can see the waters coming in with the changing of the tide.
Fishermen hopefully wait hoping the salt water will bring in some fish for feeding.



Green Frog

frog 2, originally uploaded by Ladymaggic.
The rains have brought out the frogs.
This one sat very still and refused to even breathe.

Friday, February 5, 2010

High Tide Flooded Picnic Area and Carpark

Photos by Ian Turner



High tide on 31

These photos were taken by Ian Turner
The floods covered the Carpark at Burrum Heads in the highest tide of the Year


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beach After the Storm on 3 Feb

After the Storm on 3 Feb, originally uploaded by Ladymaggic.
The beach along Burrum River is now strewn with debris and littered with grass and trees after the huge storms that ravaged this area from Cyclone Olga.
It is still raining heavily outside



View Across the Chapel Memorial

The bank is now leveled and the sand has be washed in as far as the creek and the parking area behind where I am now standing.

The young trees still stand straight and tall around the memorial guarding it.

Trees Down after the Storms

Trees Down, originally uploaded by Ladymaggic.
Cyclone Olga after effects brought huge rains and winds to Burrum Heads. The 31st January also had the full moon and the highest tide for the year. The combined effect was devastating.

The public carpark at Burrum Heads was underwater as far as the brick wall, and residents had to walk knee deep in water across the parking area to the Caravan park.
The winds from Cyclone Olga, as well as the high tides poured into the inland and took sand and debris into picnic areas. Huge eucalyptus trees that have withstood the weather for a hundred years were uprooted and discarded like skittles along the shore. Those that remained standing exposed hue underground root structures, now open to the weather. Its amazing that the trees are still standing strong when the soil has gone from below them.



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